Worlds Smallest Escape Room – Portsmouth

Screen Shot 2018-08-28 at 01.09.05.png

We ventured to the South-Coast, to the city of Portsmouth where the Portsmouth Festivities were taking place; celebrating diversity and exploring the city’s amazing heritage.

There were lots of different events and attractions taking place over a 10-day period, but we had our sights set on one in-particular….


You heard us right. Hosted by Houdini’s Escape (based in Southampton) and created with the help of several local schools, we were invited to try out a 15-minute escape room, the worlds smallest! The escape room was one “large” room (basically half of a garden shed), suitable for a maximum of 4 players – we played with 3 and that was certainly enough.

The game was set in a haunted library and we were in amongst the stacks of books, trying to rid the library of its resident ghost. Although the room was small it never felt claustrophobic and there were still several challenging puzzles packed into the tiny space.

It was a multi-sensory experience and we’re amazed at how much they managed to pack into the space they had.

It was fun for what it was; a free game, designed by school students, celebrating the theme of ‘Freedom’ throughout the ages. We hope it returns for next years festivities as we’ll be the first in line.

3.5/5 Rating.

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