Outopia – Pirates Hut [Berlin]

Screen Shot 2018-08-28 at 00.28.28.png

We were recently invited along to try out the fantastic Outopia (formerly Claustrophobia) in Berlin. They’re an incredibly popular and busy location, so slots were limited – but we had the opportunity to try out their frankly wonderful ‘Pirates Hut’ game.

As usual we’ll try to keep our review as spoiler free as possible…

Firstly the theming was second-to-none, they’ve really gone all out and really immerses you in the story; you find yourselves on a remote tropical island, with a terrifying thunder storm looming over head. There’s only one place to seek shelter, an old mysterious wooden cabin that holds many secrets.

You start “outside” of the pirate hut, in the elements, as the storm approaches. The set-design, sound-effects and SFX really brought the story and setting to life and made you feel like you truly were marooned on a tropical island, in the midst of a roaring storm. The game is multi-layered in terms of locations and whilst we won’t reveal anymore we can say with certainty that you will be in awe of the game.

There were some incredibly unique puzzles that certainly left us feeling “stumped” (pirate-pun), but we never felt frustrated or annoyed. There was a excellent game involving a pirate ship (we’ll say no more) that we absolutely adored, it was challenging and something we’ve never seen in an escape room before, but would love more of!

Outopia really cater well to tourists and we never felt like there were ever any language barriers or misunderstandings when it came to the puzzles or clues. The venue is sleek and the staff are incredibly welcoming!

If you find yourself in Berlin anytime soon we highly recommend visiting Outopia and playing Pirate’s Hut.

5/5 Rating.

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