Scare Kingdom – REVIEW


Last Friday we ventured to Blackburn to visit the infamous Scare Kingdom!

The park has been the focal point of some undeserved negative press for their extreme attraction ‘Psychomanteum’ but we’ll get to that later…

It was a long drive from London but let us say right off the bat that it was well worth it. The best way we could describe Scare Kingdom is a cross between immersive horror theatre, such as; The London Dungeons and a full-blow scare-attraction.

They have 6 totally different mazes, all with their own original theming and quite frankly stunning sets! And that’s what blew us away the most, just how totally immersed you felt – it was like you were stepping onto a Hollywood production.

Our particular favourite was Manormortis, themed as an old Victorian Manor House, our jaws dropped when we first walked in. Not only is the theming great but there is a decent story line that’s woven throughout the haunt, so it’s not just actors jumping out and shouting “boo” without cause/reason.

However, there were sadly a couple of mazes that lacked the same punch as Manormortis, particularly Prey, the Vampire/Van Helsing themed maze and the Black Widow hooded attraction. These did not stand up against the other attractions at Scare Kingdom and were a little disappointing. Prey started extremely strongly, taking place in an impressive dilapidated church, but it fell a part as it ended up being just a lot of walking around dark corridors! Hopefully this will be worked on for next year as it has the potential to be great.

Now, as we mentioned earlier – you may’ve seen Scare Kingdom in the press, gaining notoriety for their extreme haunt; Psychomanteum. It was called the UK’s sickest attraction by The Sun newspaper and many activist groups tried to get it shut down.

We’re big fans of scare attractions here at Immersive London, so we know all about extreme haunts such as Mckamey Manor in the US and so forth, so we were a little bit wary about going through. Psychomanteum is an 18+ face-it-alone attraction. You have to sign a waiver before going in and you’re even given a safe word in case it all gets a little too much to handle! Nevertheless we decided to take the challenge head on and give Psychomanteum our best shot. And we’re really pleased we did; we’re not going to reveal too much about he maze; just that it takes place in a Victorian-esq institute, where you’re one of the latest patients, admitted to be cured of your sexual deviancy.

Is it extreme? Yes. Is it as bad as we anticipated? No – we built it up a lot in our heads and from what we’d read in the press. Is it for everyone? Absolutely not, some people will find it too “in your face” but there are plenty of warnings before you go in and there’s the safe word to stop the haunt at any time.

We would urge you to check out Scare Kingdom and Psychomanteum, you won’t be disappointed!

4/5 Rating.


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