Hammer Brings Horror to Life!

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Cult Brit-Horror production company Hammer Horror are bringing their nightmarish creations to life this Halloween season at Hoxton Hall in London, with their very first foray into immersive theatre.

Hammer present The Soulless Ones, an intense and chilling theatrical experience like no other. From all we’ve heard about the event it’s going to be utterly unmissable and will be the talk of the town this Autumn.

We got the inside scoop on the forthcoming production and this is what Hammer had to say…

“Created by some of the most experienced and exciting practitioners in immersive theatre and film, this chilling new production will be based on an entirely original script and set in Hoxton Hall, a remarkable listed Victorian music hall in London’s East End.”

It sounds as though The Soulless Ones will be a truly unique event and with Hammer’s track record in horror, we’re certain it’s going to deliver scare-after-scare.

Every evening throughout October, 200 brave souls will be transported back to Victorian London, and invited into the world of the supernatural. Over two spell-binding hours the audience will explore the Hoxton hive, and meet its deviant, decadent vampire inhabitants. Roaming from the dusty vaults up to the creaking rafters,
guests will drift like ghosts through this heady world of gothic intrigue, drawn onward by questing psychics, frantic scientists, and supernatural seductresses watching on as their sinister plans come to fruition. Expect ancient rituals, horror and mayhem, as the action careens towards the night’s shocking finale.

The Soulless Ones runs from 3rd to 31st Oct and costs a very reasonable £48.50 per person. The event is 18+ and is sure to keep you awake at night!

No two performances of The Soulless Ones will be the same, and no two
audience experiences will be quite alike. Tantalising, intoxicating and overwhelming, horror has never been so wickedly entertaining.

We can’t wait to experience The Soulless Ones and we’ll be posting a full-review very early October, so keep your eyes peeled!



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